Assay kits & reagents

This section provides a comprehensive list of assay kits and reagents relevant to the bleeding disorders discussed elsewhere on the site. Products listed here are marketed and available for diagnostic use in at least one of the following regions as confirmed by the manufacturer: Australia, Canada, Japan, the European Union, the United States of America.

While comprehensive, this list is not exhaustive due to lack of online information and/or lack of confirmation from some manufacturers. This site is intended as a resource, but makes no claims with respect to accuracy or completeness and explicitly denies any endorsement or promotion of any of the products listed here.

The information included here is current as of December 2016 and will be updated periodically. Corrections and/or updates are welcomed by the site administrators.

Approval status key:
✓ = available for diagnostic use
X = not available for diagnostic use
− = unable to obtain relevant information

HQMMA/CH/0217/0024; HQMMA/CH/0916/0170; HQMMA/NNG/0517/0163; HQMMA/NNG/0517/0164; HQMMA/NNG/0517/0165; HQMMA/NNG/0517/0166; HQMMA/NNG/0517/0167